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Unlike the road transport, it is possible by air transport to carry goods without vibration and any redundant resonantion. Price of air freight shipment is tailored on the basis of individual approach to customer requirements. The price is offered after considering of these things: the selected destination, weight and dimensions of the consignment, delivery terms and required delivery time.

Mode Of Transportation

Express transport

  • Suitable for shipments, when the shipping time is urgent.
  • We will ensure a direct flight without any translation for your shipment.
  • We are looking for direct flights, that will get your shipment to the port of delivery as soon as possible.

Economic Transportation

  • Suitable for shipments, where there is no urgent delivery time.
  • Shipments are trans-shipped for many flights.
  • By combining several flights we can find you the cheapest option and thereby reduce your transport costs to a minimum.

Benefits of Service

When your goods need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport.

Many airlines have a large network of destinations that covers almost the entire world. This means that you can send the shipment to nearly every destination.

With the quicker transit times of air freight, you have less need for local warehousing and do not need to keep items in stock. Customs clearance, cargo inspection and cargo handlers are more efficient, as most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.